Why you should worry about where your oil (and gas) comes from 

Wenar: Yeah, there was. And it just happened that I went to Nigeria. And I went with friends. And I just started asking about oil, because I could see this huge country, by far the biggest population in Africa teeming with young entrepreneurial energetic people who wanted a chance to live their dreams, to get ahead and were thwarted by this incredibly corrupt, violent government, which was just stealing all the oil money and using it for the purposes of the elite. That’s when I saw the oil curse, and I saw it firsthand, people living in really desperate poverty, preyed upon by their own police, not provided with electricity, running water, education, even being bulldozed off of their land when some corrupt official wanted to build some new project on it. And then as I kept working, I kept seeing how the oil curse over there, comes to bite us back. When we feed misery and oppression overseas, we shouldn’t be surprised when that comes and bites us back, as it has again and again especially from the Middle East. So it’s their problem and it becomes our problem too.

Source: Why you should worry about where your oil (and gas) comes from | Public Radio International

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