If anarchism is to get anywhere as a movement, it requires us to build the world we wish to see. To paraphrase the classic wobbly mantra, our goal is and should be to “build a new world within the shell of the old.” In order to do this we must actually create the structures which will meet the needs of our communities once the state and capitalism are out of the picture. This is the reasoning behind many anarchist projects. The Industrial Workers of the World acts as an alternative to statist business unions, Food Not Bombs acts as an alternative to soup kitchens and similar charities, groups like Common Ground and Occupy Sandy provide an alternative to government and corporate disaster services, free schools and unschooling are alternatives to state and corporate school regimes, and so on and so forth. Anarchists have started farms, collectively run businesses, community defense groups, domestic abuse shelters, libraries, alternative energy systems, and a myriad of other useful elements of the “new world.” One of the most famous of such institutions — and certainly one of the longest lasting — is surprisingly Alcoholics Anonymous.

Source: Center for a Stateless Society » Anarchism for a Mainstream Audience

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