Education as Domestication of Inner Space

vegan anarchist primitivist

by Layla AbdelRahim

Fifth Estate # 391, Spring/Summer 2014 – Anarchy!

We are taught since early childhood that everything in the world exists in a food chain as a “resource” to be consumed by those higher up the chain and concurrently as the consumer of “resources” that are lower in this predatory hierarchy. We are also told that life in the wild is hungry, fraught with mortal danger and that civilization has spared us a short and brutish existence. As children, we thus come to believe that life in civilization is good for us, in fact even indispensable for our very survival.

Today’s civilization, namely the European/Western, owes its existence to the Agricultural Revolution, which was born in the Fertile Crescent with the domestication of emmer wheat in the Middle East around 17,000 B.P.–an event followed by the domestication of dogs in Southeast Asia around 12,000 B.P. and independent parallel…

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