Our Information Explosion 

Through the media we receive so many differing world views that it is hard for us to tell what is truly going on. There are claims that the government is destroying the country. Claims that the world is being destroyed by climate change brought on by human activities. Claims that terrorism is at an all time high, and muslim migrants are overtaking Europe.

Yet, others claim that there’s never been a better time to be alive. We have the benefits of the Internet. The highest standard of living ever seen on planet earth. Technology is making our lives easier every day. These claims may, or may not, be consistent with reality. They’re certainly consistent with the worldview of those who espouse them.

We could argue endlessly whether these or the many other claims are true or false. The reality is it doesn’t necessarily matter. What matters is our apparent apathy. Our society seems to be unwilling, or unable, to take on the challenges of our time. Don’t get me wrong, things like climate change may very well effect our survival. However, I suspect that we will not focus on climate change or any of the potential challenges in a comprehensive way, unless we first deal with the underlying causes of society’s apathy.

Source: Our Information Explosion – Medium

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