Waiting on the world to change


How The West Was Won #2(All photographs by Martin Rowland (martyr_67), taken in Wyndham, in Melbourne’s outer west.)

We would do well to think of ourselves as Homo sapiens, more.1 In identifying ourselves as human, we are an animal just like the many other animals — those that we know and those that have become extinct through our own activities, — and not too dissimilar to those many more million organisms that on land and sea remain undiscovered and unnamed.

Yet classification is exclusively a Sapiens construct. Our identity, at its most basic, is a product of our own developed knowledge. We are human because we are an animal because we define ourselves so according to scientific evidence. And we are a particular human, Homo sapiens, because we trace ourselves to be so. We are bound in a construct of our own making. Perhaps it suits us this way; we can choose…

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