Radical Philosophy

At moments … she had found that a new kind of means of exchange or transport of human energies (‘means’ is the wrong word, the elementary particle is ‘goal’), namely unspoken agreement, could mobilize an exceptional capacity for work. In fact, considerably more than could be paid for with money. The problem of basing a political formation on this new ‘gravitation’ did not lie in the strength of such ‘political physics’, but in the maintenance of the ‘force field’. Nothing of this flash of mutual aid was still convertible … later. And nothing could alter this catastrophic conclusion. A body politic ‘without memory’ could not be justified. The archival memory was able to register the ‘spark of solidarity’, but not to revive it subsequently. The elementary particle of this physics … resisted documentation.

Alexander Kluge, The Devil’s Blind Spot, 2002

Source: “Political physics” by Peter Osborne | Radical Philosophy

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