Cryptosociety: The Dark Economy and Technologies of Freedom 

Even now they want the new digital natives being born today to wander in a ubiquitous world of data, a ubiquitous matrix of interconnected and surround systems of data forming and cocooning them on all sides: – enveloped in communications systems that will secure, protect, and serve their every need while at the same time entangling them in the techno-commercial empires of profitability from which they will never again escape. This is the true dark side of our future cryptosociety, a realm where humans serve the machines as companion species, organizing the world to meet the strategies and goals of an emerging technological singularity of inhuman intelligence all under the guise of democracy. A benign tyranny of smart contracts and infotainment based on pleasure and jouissance from which the very thought of escape or exit is to become disloyal to the machine you serve so willingly. The only escape from such a world will be disconnection, and that means only one thing: suicide or madness, else mass murder on a scale we’ve only begun to notice at the heart of our theatres, schools, and corporate enclaves.

Source: Cryptosociety: The Dark Economy and Technologies of Freedom | southern nights

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