​The age of humanism is ending 

The divergence of democracy and capital will defy reason and politics will become brutal survivalism.

Source: The age of humanism is ending | Opinion | Analysis | M&G

2 thoughts on “​The age of humanism is ending 

  1. Interesting. The issue I have with those kinds of proposals is that we can find them everywhere throughout history at all times.

    I got an discussion with someone a little while ago about this same thing. He like to describe basically kind of end of times type things and the descriptions of how different government forms and social forms will degrade and ethics this and religions that.

    And my point was how is right now any different than any other time in history that we thought the world was going to end.?

    His answer basically is that we’ve now spread out over the whole earth and we’ve investigated every conceptual corner that there can be, so there’s nowhere else to go and so we’ve actually now reach the end.

    My point is that I think it’s a function of human consciousness to see ends. End it every time in history there’s a certain group of people or a certain factor of fear that tends to purveyed through consciousness and various people take various factors and assemble them in such a way such that it means that this is the significant end of whatever human situation that they are talking about.

    It seems to me that these kinds of outcomes, where this one is actually the one that’s going to end it all, as a perverse optimism. Like a sort of reverse psychology so I can be right. So people can say I told you so when it all goes to hell.

    I’m more of a pessimist. I see that these positive assertions probably are not true and are probably just based in a sort of reactionary modern death drive, of sorts, where the person gets the justification out of proclaiming doom and gloom everywhere.

    Yeah these things are interesting but I will bet you let’s meet in 70 years from now I will be 120 years old, and let’s make a bet that humanity is doing pretty much exactly the same thing that they’ve always done except they have different ornaments all around them, different technologies other places to live like planets new terms instead of radical we say awesome.

    I mean come on; isn’t it cooler to be a heavy metal rock or who’s all tough with his leather and spikes yelling and screaming? I mean we can say all we want about revenge of the nerds’s cool is all relative and cool is what we make of it, but really isn’t that just asserting that were not cool? I mean isn’t the tough guy the bad ass the one that’s gonna kick your ass isn’t that like the cool thing you know when someone’s insulting your girl that you want to get up and kick that guys ass. ?

    I mean I’m kind of a pussy and my wife and I love each other and have a certain basis of our relationship. But I mean come on.


    K. Im done.

    • Yes. These proposals are all over the place, now and throughout history. I generally think of them as referring to the end of particular historical phases as opposed to some type of biblical “end time”. They correctly indicate, for their time or location, a decline in health and security. But we have not investigated every conceptual corner. We have only just entered the conceptual room and begun to look around, describing what we see from our own vantage point.

      I do think our present situation is different than the end times of the past. The scale of our civilization and the evolution of technology are unprecedented. From my vantage point, here in a crack of the foundation of the global empire, the implications for the future are horrific. I feel compelled by this view because I have children and grandchildren.

      But as an individual I understand that all that touches my senses and enters my brain where it swirls around with memories and echoes and projections is a cosmic spiral of a whiff of smoke soon to disappear anyway, back into the source of the universe. That everything ultimately gonna be alright.

      I believe the macho stance is born of fear. I believe the rage and ferocity of a man whose family is threatened is a force of nature.

      Thank you much for your time and attention. It is highly valued.

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