The Mortal Machine: Security Regimes and the Symbolic Order 

All the earmarks are there. The schizophrenizing process over the defensive breakdown and dark fright worlds of the reactionary mind-set of paranoia which sees the enemy everywhere. The war against hierarchy and the pyramidal society of top-down power. The alternate modes of sliding laterally through the rhizomatic mazes, disguised and chameleon like in metamorphosis, shape-shifting into and out of the political spectrum, unwilling to be locked down or defined by type or mold. Against the control mechanisms that trap the mortal into servitude of consumerist ethics and dictates. The slip-shod mass media control systems that weave a false infinity over the gaps in culture, producing false nationalisms over everything like the shadow kingdoms of some illusive dream world where the rich and famous live like the gods of Olympus while the workers gaze on in supposed wonder at these mighty fools playing out their trivial Reality TV world at their expense. A culture and society of competiveness, driven insanely by power-over others, dominion over the remaining resources of the planet, and fearful and paranoid of other fictional entities, States and Ideologies. A world of the insane that has fixated its systems of control over every facet of life and locked everything in an global enclosure of war and commerce.

Source: The Mortal Machine: Security Regimes and the Symbolic Order | southern nights

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