A Year of Living Dangerously 

The managers have vacated their offices, the bankers have all flown the coup; fantasy tours for the hyperelite in Dubai or other dystopian cities of the future without outlet, caged environs, desert islands surrounded by skulls. While we, the nameless, the dejected, the forgotten are left in the midst wondering what will come next… Of course the only thing that can come: a revolt against the very terms of the game. A great refusal. If we stop playing the game will the world suddenly rock to a silent stand still, will the earth shake and fall into oblivion. NO. Like anything else we’ve ever done on this planet, and who is to say it will ever change? And what is change, anyway? Do we have a will to change? And what about the conditions that would make it possible for us to change? And most of all: what kind of change do we want?

Source: Slavoj Zizek – A Year of Living Dangerously | southern nights

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