Where Is Your Tribe?

There’s a new counter-culture emerging- a tribe, if you will- but it’s doing so at such a snail’s pace that it seems totally inert. But it may be the slow pace of this evolution that might be its salvation. It may sound insane, but I think something outside of human agency is directing this. Synchromysticism is one manifestation of this process, but is not the only one. We’re seeing humanity lumber towards a crisis point, when the basic commodities of modern life are being tapped by more and more of us. Some people might prophesy a Soylent Green type world, but these are usually idealist/liberal types who ignore the basic lesson of history- wars always begin when the granaries begin to run low.

If you believe as I do that all of Creation is essentially a sentient being, and we are component cells of the planet we live on, then it makes sense that this organism is going to activate certain individuals in times like these, in much the same way the immune system activates white blood cells. If you believe all of creation runs on the microcosm/macrocosm principle, then this idea is something that can be easily tested.

What I think is going to emerge is a culture that spreads this message- the Universe is a being, not a machine. Everything is connected, everything works in an unimaginably complex yet laughably simple fashion. Syncronicity, Synchromysticism and all the rest of it are simply amusing object lessons of universal principles in microcosm. The Universe is either generating them or inspiring individuals or groups to generate them to speak to us in a language the entire world has come to understand.

Source: The Secret Sun: The Exegesis: Where Is Your Tribe?

The Spirituality of Matter

Transcendental Naturalism

orion-300x300 copy

– Jósean Figueroa

The Spirit has been understood as an extra-corporeal entity which gives vital-emotional-transcendent functionality to the Human Being, transcending its ‘’inert’’ material structuring. An “atheistic” view at this concept would conceive the Spirit as an inherent vital-emotional functionality of the human organic system, an organizing energy. Matter in this model is not ‘’inert’’ but the manifest of this ‘’spiritus’’: the perceivable aspect of existence; thus, when we feel/think, we call the feeling and the thought ‘material’, meaning it has been codified into a memory form. “Form” denoting that it has a permanent recurring pattern ingrained within human memory. Thus Spirit can only be perceived as matter; body denotes the feeling of existing.

Matter is thus the manifestation of the Spirit; as the only aspect of Spirit knowable to us, matter needs to be accorded the dignity of ‘’Spiritual”, that is, as belonging to the category of subjects deemed…

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memes never die

Hyperstition Engineering and Applied Research

From William S Burroughs vs. the Qu’ran by Michael Muhammead Knight:

Cihan informs me that in our syncretisms and subcultural dipping, we’re actually creating a new meme. I Don’t know what a meme is, but in my head I get an image of the Arabic letter م, the Meem. A meme’s a unit of consciousness, he says. It could be seen as something like Yogacara Buddhism’s bija, seeds produced by thoughts and consciousness, and produce the external world as we understand it. Cihan says that we’ll have to be careful when we put our new meme out there, since it will grow and eventually escape our control and then never go away because memes never die – memes are like matter or energy, impossible to create or destroy. Memes only swallow up other memes and keep adding to the collective brain of the world.

From Buddhism Portal:

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The World We Built (An Oratorical Piece)

Lonely Blue Boy

The World We Built

The World We Painted

The life of a human being comes from a set of callings.

Some are called to live with something to leave.

Some are called to live with nothing to leave.

The truth is, everybody has something to leave when they leave.

The world they built.

People build their own worlds to change what they see in this world.

But people don’t see it.

And they still ask questions like who’s going to change this cruel world?


It’s not a question of who’s going to change this world.

It’s a question of who’s going to build this world.

Don’t we see that mother earth gives birth to new worlds every day?

Worlds that comes from ideas, perceptions, and dreams!

Worlds that comes from dreamers!

I am a dreamer.

A dreamer who dreams of a world that is free to dream.

A dreamer who dreams of a world that…

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Still, this framing of depression as a space for reflection is empowering, and lends a degree of agency to the person being pressed down. Like anxiety, depression might be trying to tell you something. The language of therapeutic traditions is useful: a Jungian analyst would describe depression as katabasis, an Ancient Greek word for descent. Like Orpheus heading to Hades or Luke Skywalker in the swamps of Dagobah, it’s a journey into the underworld, where the adventurer is to “go through the door … immerse himself in the wound, and exit from his old life through it,” like Robert Bly writes in Iron John. Since it is subjective, the problems and solutions will be personal — of the person and their particular psychological history — and thus demand the individualized understanding of the sufferer of depression, perhaps with the assistance of a skilled therapist. That’s another theme: While disengagement from emotionality characterizes depression and other disorders, engagement with one’s inner world looks to to be the way out. Put more poetically: You exit through the wound.

Source: A New Way To Understand And Treat Depression — Science of Us