The Spirituality of Matter

Transcendental Naturalism

orion-300x300 copy

– Jósean Figueroa

The Spirit has been understood as an extra-corporeal entity which gives vital-emotional-transcendent functionality to the Human Being, transcending its ‘’inert’’ material structuring. An “atheistic” view at this concept would conceive the Spirit as an inherent vital-emotional functionality of the human organic system, an organizing energy. Matter in this model is not ‘’inert’’ but the manifest of this ‘’spiritus’’: the perceivable aspect of existence; thus, when we feel/think, we call the feeling and the thought ‘material’, meaning it has been codified into a memory form. “Form” denoting that it has a permanent recurring pattern ingrained within human memory. Thus Spirit can only be perceived as matter; body denotes the feeling of existing.

Matter is thus the manifestation of the Spirit; as the only aspect of Spirit knowable to us, matter needs to be accorded the dignity of ‘’Spiritual”, that is, as belonging to the category of subjects deemed…

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