‘Stop the World!’ 

Like the Shamans of old D&G were developing a cartography of escape and flight from the reality matrix of our cultural malaise, developing techniques that would allow the wary victim of the dark and nefarious systems that regulated every thought, every action of our normalized lives. It is not an easy path to follow, and this schizophrenizing process as they observe is fraught with a multitude of dangers. The enemy has set traps, and even as we dissolve the barriers the greatest enemy is our own mind which will defend its integrity against any and all forms of assault on the logic and reason of its current enmeshed prison system. It knows nothing else, the brain is trapped by the very cultural systems of logic and reason that have adapted it to the environment within which it was born and lives. Exit is fraught with little success, few and far between are those who have escaped and returned to tell the tale.

The Nagual or Noumenal zones of being and becoming are chaos itself, and can tear the psyche into shreds. Most of ancient mythologies and primitive shamanic or voodoun practices or praxis from the ancient Bon, Taoist, Brahmanic, Buddhist, Zain, to all the magical traditions of the West were check systems to map and cartographically delimit and control in a measured way the exploration of this slow immersion in the dark zones of the unknown. In our Secular Age we have closed the door on this area of life to our own detriment, confusing it with two thousand years of monotheistic religious apophaticism and negative theological practices we have lost our knowledge of the more dynamic and energetic cosmos surrounding us, the Dionysian vision of Life of which Nietzsche speculated.

For those within the Reality Matrix such exits and escapes seem sheer criminal madness, and the Reality Police who govern these propaganda machines and systems that command and control, manage our perceptions lay in wait for any and all who would seek a way out. One’s family, friends, associates will all believe you are going mad, that you need help and will try to dissuade you from this path. And, they will even seek out the authorities in such matters to trap you and bring you back into the fold. Escape is not for the weak minded.

Source: Deleuze/Guattari: ‘Stop the World!’ | Techno Occulture

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