Disruptive Change

Look at the public school system from the eyes of the exiled outsider. Countless efforts for changing it are everywhere — with huge money at stake. All ignore the simple, yet confronting truth that public schools — as a design — were not created to awaken the intelligence of the young. Instead, our public school system was designed to create mediocrity, to subdue the inner life, devalue the body and ensure a sure supply of easily manageable workers.

This is not hyperbole. Look at it — go the origin. Look at your children stuffed into a perfect box for 8 hours a day sitting inside on a chair with thousands of other kids. Preparing them expertly to spend their adult life stuffed into a larger box for 8 hours a day with thousands of other responsible adults.

Examine our heroes on the cover of INC or Time magazine. Super rich folks turned to changing the world. Making billions on the one side selling cheap burgers or devices, paying low wages, extracting labor and precious resources from Africa and China — then turning around and saving the needy and downtrodden around the world. The first round of American titans did it too, and we worshipped them just the same.

What we are talking about here is the plantation. Plantation economics. There are masters, slaves that work in the field and slaves that work out of the harsh heat and in the big house. America was built upon plantation economics and this design continues to this day. Here and everywhere.

Today, the plantation is as much a state of mind as it is an institutional reality. It finds its expression in everything we have looked at so far. We worship the masters and bring aid and charity to the slaves working in the fields under the fierce sun.

Source: So, You Want Disruptive Change – MIND BOXING – Medium

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