Detroit: Disaster-Futurology 

It is no good to throw our hands in the air as some of the commentariat has done in order to declare Detroit a “distinctively capitalist failure”; Detroit is succeeding in something that the liberal mode of thought is unable to comprehend. It would be more accurate to say that what is going on in Detroit today is itself a kind of accelerationism. The bodies the inhabit Detroit are undergoing a deliberate acceleration of the conditions of catastrophe. This goes beyond the shock doctrine insofar as it isn’t simply about the production of a site of capitalist destructive reconstruction for profit, although it certainly is that. The commodification of water and its destruction as commons (how about the water in my body? could that also be commodified?) in this city should also be viewed from the perspective of the catastrophe that has already taken place. Detroit has become a laboratory of the future in which a synthetic temporal short-circuit has been generated so that certain conditions of our climactic future are induced into existence in present moment. The cost of this is potential deaths of thousands, even of millions, in a way that makes this less a rehearsal and more an enaction of catastrophe. In Detroit there is the concerted effort to render slogan “no future” as clear and distinct reality. Detroit is being exists so that it can be murdered.

Source: Detroit: Disaster-Futurology | synthetic zerø

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