An Evolving Anarchism

Anarchism, for me, is less about “end goals” and more about a particular ethic and outlook. It should reject the idea of “final” states of existence altogether and instead emphasize the importance of a never-ending discovery process in producing a better world. This process is much to the contrary of Communism, which declares what the final state of existence should be.

The rigid people who sit on their high horses and call people “statist authoritarians” for not being purists don’t represent anarchism. Rather, they hinder it with their dogmatism and rigidity, which is antithetical to the anarchist ethic. Anarchism is less about “smashing the state” or causing disruption and destruction in the streets. Anarchism has more to do with envisioning and creating a world without rulers, making free and voluntary association the standard for relating to one another, and maximizing the freedom of the individual.

Source: Center for a Stateless Society » An Evolving Anarchism

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