Wilderness Ontology 

Instead, we are presented with only the wilderness.  You are not more in the wilderness when you are in the Rocky Mountains, away from the city.  No, even when you’re in the middle of Tokyo you’re still in the wilderness, because there is only the wilderness.  The wilderness is not a place that you can go to.  Or rather, the wilderness is conceptually the place of all places.  And with this conceptual shift, we find that all other concepts must be reworked, folded in new ways; but we also find that it becomes impossible to think the city, the suburb, the urban and the suburban independently of a broader natural world.  They too are formations of nature and are pervaded by nature through and through.  We find that we cannot distinguish between cultural politics, economic politics, and ecological politics.  They all interpenetrate and belong to the wilderness.  And now, where “nature” was before thought in essentialist terms and the interminable debate between those who thought that some rule “by nature” (Aristotle’s thesis in the Politics) and those who believe that we create society, and the debate between those who believe that men rightly rule over women or that certain races rightly rule over others, we now discover a creative and inventive nature where all of these categories are undermined and appeals to the “natural” can no longer be made.  We work on the grammar and set it in becoming, taking it to unheard of places and hopefully allowing unheard of forms of life to become possible.  If we ask where the wild things are, the answer is everywhere.

Source: Wilderness Ontology | Larval Subjects .

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