Burning Man Suicide and Sacred Self Sacrifice 

Then in my lunch break I sat down to read further in my current literary indulgence, “The Old Sod: The life and inner work of William G Gray” and came across this quote…

“There seems to be a psychological urge in young men to make them deliberately risk their own lives for seemingly no reason, but I believe there is a deep-down instinct to do so in order that the Gods (or Goddess) will have the opportunity to select the best for breeding purposes. In other words, if the Fates spare their offered lives, the they are meant to go on living and are fit to breed. If their lives are taken then, then they were never meant to mate and carry on their race. Thus it is an atavistic impulse bred into our genes from the very dawn of our civilisation. After they become older and have probably started a family, the instinct alters into one of wanting to live so as to care for that family until it can look after itself. That was why the act of sacred self-sacrifice on the altars of any Temple had to be absolutely voluntary in order to be valid.” ~ William G Gray

Source: Burning Man Suicide and Sacred Self Sacrifice — Steemit

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