Being, Background and Pluripolitics: Notes Towards a Theory of Ecologistics

synthetic zerØ

b “We start from the One, rather than arriving at it. We start from the One, which is to say that if we go anywhere, it will be toward the World, toward Being” (François Laruelle, as quoted in Mackay 2005).

The immanent force and non-human agencies of reality are never truly absent within our clamorous conscious experience. The Real cuts and collides in perceptions and our actions, saturating our thoughts with varying affective intensity. In other words, in my slightly convoluted terminology, I agree with Laruelle’s statement (above) that there is a plane of ontological consistency running through our experience as an ontic tangibility which discloses the intensive-affective materiality of life.

Moreover, this pre-thetic and non-symbolic background immanence affords and occasions all consequential action. It is, in the parlance of a certain strain of intellectualization, the very condition of possibility for existence, action and communication. To exist is to affect and be affected, to…

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