Radical Municipalism & Translocal Futurity – Part 1: Querying the Local (1)

synthetic zerØ

In this new series I attempt to work through some problems associated with local politics and move towards a non-corporatist, communistic vision of patchwork that doesn’t rely on under-determined imaginings of how we might transition from existing systems to more regional and resource-based forms of social organization. The language is intentionally stripped down and thus I hope more accessible. These are just notes and sketches (for now), and may change substantially after posting. Feedback welcome.


Radical Municipalism & Translocal Futurity: Towards a Communalistic Patchwork

“Only a global confederation of rebel cities can lead us out of the death-spiral of neoliberalism towards a new rational society that delivers on the promise of humankind.” – Debbie Bookchin
“Lefebvre’s concept of heterotopia (radically different from that of Foucault) delineates liminal social spaces of possibility where “something different” is not only possible, but foundational for the defining of revolutionary trajectories. This “something different” does…

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