Nefarious Agents: Elliot Abrams

synthetic zerø

This is the first in a series intended to peel back the glossy facade of ideology and intellectual fancy to show the very real, all-to-human faces of agents of power. It’s true that the processes and practices now ravaging the planet dare riven by the extinction circuits stacked within technocapitalist production, yet at every juncture these wayward war-machines remain dependent upon deliberations and decisions made by elite managers, bureaucrats, and high level influences whose private interests become instantiated as organization imperatives within major institutions. Here we will name these agents and give space to the forgotten truth of personalized power. [*submissions welcome]


Elliot Abrams once more makes an appearance on the world stage as the Trump administration’s special envoy to Venezuela. Mike Pompeo’s latest statement “Watch the noose tighten around Maduro’s neck” is a restatement of one of Abrams threats. The Trump administration has become emboldened by the emergence once again on…

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