Charting the Cosmic Hero’s Journey

Journal of a Cosmic Anthropologist

These days you’d have to strap me to a bed to make me watch all the Marvel movies. Five years ago, that was a different story. Bed-ridden, recovering from major surgery, I wasn’t going anywhere and needed some serious escapism – watching every single Marvel movie plus the short films, doped to the gills did the job. It wasn’t watching the heroes level up to become Supers and defeat the Villains that stuck with me – it was the sacrifices they made to get there. Forever etched into my brain by that adventure into the MCU was the death imagery of the ordeals that Steve Rogers, Tony Stark and Thor endured in their origin stories to then become a better version of themselves. Something that would be repeated for each of these core characters in successive tales, for higher stakes, each requiring greater sacrifices before their ultimate acts of heroism…

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