dreaming of one thing [subversive chronicle]

BLACKOUT ((poetry & politics))

i said endurance has its limits people are made of flesh and bone / i spoke about the stalinists and the method of executing the very best as traitors / who died screaming long live the party! / sifis said / the statement is only the beginning. then they will ask who are your friends. / then where do they live.   
katerina gogou

i believe at heart that one must not be an accomplice to lies and compromise, the contemporary artist must scream out their revolt and make understood that we live in an unbearable, cruel, and hopeless world; and that if things do not change and a new consciousness emerge, humanity will ultimately destroy itself.   
josé revueltas


# in december 1960 the french poet danielle collobert joined a militant group collaborating with the algerian resistance organisation fln in its struggle against colonial france. in…

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