This blog ’bout my days and what it takes to get through my days. I be talkin’ ’bout my perceptions, actions, and experiences. They worth sharing ’cause i think they might help someone else get through their day.

Its ’bout psychological revolution and the next phase of human evolution.

But the whole thing i doin’ ’bout a message of love to the whole world.

Before we go any further i wanna share some of the information and insights, the knowledge and way of thinkin’ that got me started on the road that brought me here.

a video by GeraldP1983

a video by SaktiOmNamahShivaya

The fact that i can pull up countless excellent videos off youtube that present this material attests to the fact that this type of understanding is becoming a part of our common mind. This is representative of the emergent paradigm which is my primary concern.

The buddhist teachings are something like a distillation of thousands of years of eastern mysticism. The buddhists exemplify the original consciousness researchers. Though they observed consciousness objectively, the reports of what they found in their research must inevitably be subjective.

One thing to note about the buddhists is that they never bothered with theology, but they pretty much plumbed the depths of philosophy and psychology. They didn’t bother with theology because it don’t get you anywhere and it don’t supply anything useful. Not only do we see today that the buddhists had a good understanding, they also taught the technique of employing that understanding.

That technique goes by various names, awareness, wakefulness, mindfullness, and meditation, though it aint about a label so much as a living state of mind. When scientists describe what they find in their research and it comes out sounding strikingly similar to what the buddhists been sayin’ all this time then people start to pay attention and further test the knowwledge.

a video by jsab0

a video by hislatestwords

What modern scientific understanding supplies us with is an objective account of the depths of our “material” world. When the ancient and modern accounts appear to be the same we can see implications for our civilization in crisis. With the emergent paradigm there is a possibility of understanding coupled with technology potentially catalyzing a global transformation … we are obliged to investigate and apply it to its furthest extreme … we are obliged to allow the emergent to unfold.

To me, seeing the implications of science and religion being the same phenomena – subject/object or observer/observed or inward/outward – the spiritual and material being of one substance (consciousness), is that a new whole consciousness is emerging – the individual fully awake and globally connected.

At this point i suggest that this occurence is a manifestation of love.

For more light, check out Vacuum States of Consciousness by Alan Wallace.

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    • Hello there, thanks a lot for the re-blog. will be making future visits here to check things out. thanks again and keep thinking sharp ( and meditating, if thats what you do)

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