Globalists Are Telling Us What Disasters They’re Planning for the Economy

Globalist plan of destruction for the economy

As always, the primary solution is to not be dependent on the system, and if globalists try to make you dependent, then you should be ready to get rid of them. Decentralized economies based on localism first are the answer. If globalists want to deny us the means of production, then we should learn how to produce and manufacture necessary goods ourselves. If globalists want us to depend on their international supply chains for resources, then we should develop our own supply chains and our own resource base at the local level.

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Got The Double Life Problem? Feeling Like a Zombie? Try Some Borderless Philosophy.

So most promising young people eventually resolve The Double Life Problem by reluctantly becoming Statist, big capitalist zombies, and then relaxing like crazy on the weekends, numbing themselves, trying to quell the residual, vestigial urges towards genuine creativity and free thinking instead of the playpen creativity and obedience and fakery they’re locked into during the work week, as professionals of some sort or another, doing some bullshit job or another. And Darwin help the other young people who even fall short of that, working in shit jobs of all kinds, everywhere, billions of once-promising, now dead-inside, Statist, big capitalist zombies everywhere, faking it forever, The Fake Life without end, amen.

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Surviving Racism Through Storytelling

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There was a moment at the river with my mother long ago, when I asked her why we pray. She told me that prayer was not begging, or asking for things, but an expression of gratitude for the way things are. She looked at me, and behind her the river was not rushing. There were so many spirals in the current of the river, and many undertows.

She saw what I was staring at. “That is your power too,” she said. “The undertow can drown people.” I knew she was pointing to the chaos of what we cannot see, and that the undercurrent—the chaos and conflict beneath every surface—is necessary.

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the intrepid hunger of the free

 “That we continue is because of our stubbornness, our inability to let the elements keep us down, to strive after the only thing we find worth attaining: the prize of wonderment, the satisfaction of discovery, of opening up another door into reality that only the intrepid dare venture toward. Yes, we seek more…. we are the dissatisfied souls who hunger for something else. Not satisfied with the eternal circle of the same we keep walking out of the traps set for us, striving to free ourselves and others of the control mechanisms that would bind us and enslave us to lesser thoughts and goals.”  S.C. Hickman

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