EELRIJUE: Unfolding Questions II

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Eee Muur Gense (e)

Hermes dictum (or whatever) – as above so below – Fractals and Iterations –

this is the “type” o’stuff i be feelin’ compelled to say to my loved ones (and sometimes do)

The emergency has already begun, globally and personally, and yall actin’ like everything is “normal”. Like yall don’ even wanna seriously think ’bout what’s goin’ on ’round ya, much less talk about, heaven forbid actually do something.

The primary issue, in every sphere, is survival (understanding, of course, we are free to thrive).

But the overall arc, as measured against the ingrained dominant mindset of the collective, is one of decline, a sacrifice of the old habits, expectations, and “things” that underlie our dominant set of behaviours.

In other words, we are confronted with radical change whether we want it or not, whether we like it or not. Why not take active control of the process?

Many people have been seein’ this and talkin’ ’bout this for a long time. And many people have been preparing and transforming for a long time. But these are the very few.

At some point – This Point Here and Now – the outward circumstances force all to confront the truth. And the truth is as simple as preserving our health and well being. Or maybe establishing our health and well being.

The days of “progress” and “evolution”, as defined by our culture, are over.

Just as night is followed by day and the seasons cycle, now is the time of contraction. The expansion has already stopped. The pendulum is swingin’ back. There is enough science and literature that document this – we need to grasp the specifics and share them, so that everybody knows the same thing at the same time, share the tools of transformation and creation, locally/globally, throughout the whole of space and time.

But more importantly, immediately, here and now, personally, today, we must act.

We must confront directly the implications for our families and neighborhoods. We must decide our course so that we all understand the same thing and either act together or splinter and create new ways of survival appropriate to the crisis.

Our most significant and essential tool as human beings is our state of mind or “that which is of highest value”.

To address this issue may be the single most difficult task, and conversely our single most all encompassing blessing. The bottom line here is simple and direct – love and understanding.

The situation, this crisis, this emergency already implies a total and complete upheaval, a reversal of not only the way of our daily life, but of our way of thinking and viewing the world. And i think it may be characterized in the moment by one word. Sacrifice.

Sacrifice the old dreams and expectations. Sacrifice habitual thinking and living. Sacrifice the “self”. Self sacrifice, inwardly and outwardly. Expand personally and intimately, family and neighborhood, community and bioregion. Planet.

We must observe, plan and act – with the flexibility of willingness and readiness, of learning and discipline – to adjust and adapt as the new progression, the new r-evolution.

The long decline is the loss of our comfort and easy survival –  but inwardly and spiritually, in our soul, is demanded a long ascent, an expansion of our mind.

 What produced the emergency was the expansion of our “self” which pushed the spirit of god aside.

So all that shit i just been talkin’ a variation, an iteration of the shit i always be thinkin’. ‘Course, sometimes it like chemical psy enhancement, where observation pulsates, like when ya lookin’ at a persion rug, say for instance, and one color appears dominant then another appears dominant and so too the different patterns emerge and recede, and you see the same phenomena where ever you look and you listen and hear the street sounds and people and children and nature, bird calls and insects, the smell of flowers and mown grass and it all comes together as an unstoppable symphony and the magesty of life is understood to be, the deep significance, the very meaning of existence being human relationship in the womb of cosmic light nested in the shade of Mother Earth like an exploding invisible sun in the center of yo’ brain that instantly incinerates all yo’ sin and the shit vomit that floods your sinus cavities and fills your skull and you disappear entirely momentarily or sometimes it might be like when you share that with a friend and he wants to bring in the pride of his life and his posessions and an immense steel iron psychic wedge descends on him and splits him in two irreparably and forever threatening you except for the invisible sun done burnt you up anyway so there aint nothin’ left to harm and maybe then you should have learnt that not everybody gonna get it all at the same time so that they become a priority to love and care for, those who are still waiting …

… and the same patterns fractally iterate throughout the whole of space and time …

But anyway its all about the children’s safety and security, plain and simple. Why? Selfish Genes, the physical world, spirit manifest (the supposed drivers of this culture’s evolution – memes – notwithstanding), is the deepest gut feeling – the furthest expansion of the spirit, through generations.

Need to start factoring in fractals and iterations into your worldview, moment to moment, on a daily basis, with each pulse of the universe.

So here ends an example of what i had to get off my chest. May further explore some of the issues raised (may forget).

… and they lived _________ everafter …

… a sudden, sharp, deep inhalation of breath … a slow sigh of resignation, resolution and relief … barely audible “it ends” … a failed experiment is more valuable than success … one is a learning experience, the other only confirms the past … if Mr. Greer is King Arthur and Mr. Robb is Lancelot then Mr. Boland is Merlin … i may not be able to compete with the powers that be … but that old black magic … is …

Tuff Nutz 2 Krak …

and assorted saddle burrs …

so over the years i had some. I s’pose, for some folks, the ‘god’ issue been a tuff nut. I say that ’cause they’re so many references and intense discussions around ’bout belief or not. To me the discussion just a distracting irrelevency, i can’t devote any energy to it. It appears to me the talk arises out of an uninformed comparison of obsolete abstract symbols, dead memes.

Somewhere in here is a trend, within myself, to be hesitant toward krakin’ some nuts. Ya know like how a childhood trauma might scar ya fo’ life? Maybe like lettin’ the genie outta the bottle.

My first krakt nut bit me in the ass. When i was a kid i couldn’t understand how there could be such a thing as war. What could be so bad that i would be willin’ to go kill somebody? Well, at age 21, after i lived with a woman for a year, i understood well, simply by measuring the depths of my own emotions. And that was a game with no winner, just two casualties.

So, in the interest of pluckin’ the splinter out my brain, having taken a year each of western philosophy and eastern civilization, not only did i study the ‘new age religio-philosopher theosophy types, but much of the consumer grade, big chain bookstore literature in psychology, sociology, science, history, and current events.

And outta all that K and Bohm rose to the top.

Now here some nutz rattlin’ ’round my brain, courtesy of K:

1) you HAVE to be good
2) the observer is the observed
3) any movement of the ‘me’ is violence
4) is there action without will?
5) is what K says true? yes or no
and what are the implications?

Approaching these questions, its like when Neo, having swallowed the red pill, touches the mirror and …

the ever fallin’ dust … settles

in free fall … a lifetime … accelerating toward death – (ya know like a year at age two is 50% yo life, a year at age fifty is 2% yo lifetime) – the days, hours, minutes themselves are dust in the wind … consciousness fades into timelessness … opening up eternity … allowing freedom of action … freedom from the known … total freedom …

its goin’ back to the source … the source of the universe … like spittin’ out a seed … that falls back on the ground … the ground of being …

so the parachute we constructed … on the way down … functioned … we landed alive, but closer to our death than we had anticipated … with a world of new challenges surrounding us … but with a settled conciousness … a conciousness that has flowered … open to the sun … the sunlight of a universal intelligence … like a blade of grass through concrete … vulnerable yet alive … alive with the infinite potential of a new creation …

so look around and see in the light and allow the next phase of evolution to move forward …