Alpha Omega Evolution: between rock and steel

image from chaosgroup phoenix fluid dynamics

Makes it seem more significant, right? The title of this post, i mean, a deliberate overt invocation of the occult. The juxtaposition of the words, normally not associated with each other, is some sort of memetic device, i forget the label.

Beginning to End

‘Course thats the whole issue, right? Confusing symbol and referent, map and territory. But Hey! Even when i tryin’ ta point that out, i still usin’ only symbols, so each statement carries its own potential for obfuscation, iterating mistakes.

First and Last

How could such a process, thought and language, lead to good? In its most refined, pure, crystaline form – math – its greatest potential is manifest. Thats information. And thats the building blocks out of which the dna of the next life form is constructed.

Start to Finish

Its out now – techne. The only thing that could prevent its evolution is a near absolute ELE. Less than that will allow machine domination. And Lo! How we rebel against that. Maybe rightly so.


If there is a ‘war’ analogy to be made for any human affair, shouldn’t it be reserved solely for that, the machine?

The machine like structure of our civilization is a clue. The machine like structure of our common mind and behaviour is another piece of evidence.

The present world crisis and long decline is the hammer comin’ down squarely on the head of the proverbial nail.

Is Armageddon a Symbol War?

And where is the battlefield?

Between Rock and Steel

When i first started thinkin’ the thoughts that led to this post, i was thinkin’ wow! we gettin’ it from both directions – nature (the human manufactured climate change) and the machine (the bankster/industrial civilization driven mass surveilance robotic police state/entertainment complex). It didn’t take but a moment to see its all one movement, evolution. But i thinkin’ now, we at a decisive turning point that will determine, for the coming deindustrial society, whether or not we will be dominated by machines. What will take precedence – the human or the machine?