the foundation

out on the frontier is the proving ground

its o so good …
to be engulfed by yo own ego …
to be master of yo own illusion …

but it can be tiring sometimes,
ya senses get jaded,
ya need a rest,

so just fall back into
a master of global illusion
like JC or Boo Dah
or a cosmic master like JK

and observe the observer
like gettin sucked inta black hole
or the mire
or the “I” of god

and come out energised
like a tasmanian devil
a creator of chaos

cause bringin order
too arduous
and destroys the self
as a prerequisite
ergo … no ego enhancement

besides, the everyday actual is too dangerous
in the trenches,
on the floor,
in the street,

out on the edge
pushin the boundary
is where people die

so keep yo sef insulated,
its safer,
at least maybe for a moment.

savor yo security