The Rich White Folks Downtown

The rich countries successfully repress the citizenry.

Its only in the poor countries that any movement toward radical social change is visible in the streets on any scale relative to the larger society.

At least we have proof – direct evidence – of the emerging global consciousness – its the common man, the protester, the 99% from the bowels of society – from which the seed of a new creation will emerge.

The rich countries have for so long now, by virtue of their material wealth, been able to narcotize and hypnotize their populations. The ‘best and the brightest’ have been fostered by the elite, the architects and engineers of control, forever furthering the elite agenda.

You see the trend – the more the citizens push for justice, the more the power exercises its boot and fist. The slaveholders have anticipated this, witness the militarization of the local police.

If the common man does show any effectiveness, the power effectively employs its tools of control – propaganda, police, entertainment, antidepressants, state run media. All suppress consciousness.

So, whats up? What do we do? We, in the rich countries. Realize it aint all ’bout us. Us being the citizens of wealth (where obesity is a bigger health problem than starvation). Look where the seed sprouted – a fruit vendor immolated himself, sacrificed himself – look at the people like him, the real common man of whom we are a small part. Look at the countries from whom america extracts wealth. There is the fertile seed bed of the full consciousness of truth that will engulf the planet.