Dangerous Spirituality 

Thurman’s spirituality was grounded not only in the beauties of the black experience, but grounded as well in the terrors of the black experience, as only someone living in Florida and Georgia could know them in 1915 and 1920 and 1930. At the same time, it was a spirituality that says: “And knowing all that, I also know that all human beings are one.”

This kind of strange combination of spiritual truth with hard political social truth led one young man in the 1930s to say this about Howard Thurman: “I’m disappointed in him. We thought we had found our Moses. And he turns out to be a mystic.” That’s the spirituality that gets people all riled up.

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This is Anarcho-Herbalism


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EELRIJUE: Unfolding Questions II

Algorhythms | Dr. Quandary and Thirtyseven | World Around Records

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What Would a Down-to-Earth Economy Look Like?

David Korten –

 YES! Magazine

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Scientific Persuasion

Innovation Patterns: 9-07-2011

an essential collection from the master ~ Skilluminati

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