on the conscious act of promoting certain memes and allowing others to die

i don’t know what all happened … but i do know … it had to have been in 1976 when i first encountered K’s words. Now, i had been briefed by some of the works of Ouspensky, Watts, Ram Dass, Osho, Gibran and others, but it was as if, in that first moment of encountering K that it was so obvious that K had the straight dope. It appeared to me that there could be no better expression truth. I still think that.

But what boggles my mind is … why haven’t i changed? Why do i not live that truth every day? Well …

I got a thousand and one excuses. So, ultimately, i must say … i don’t know, not in words i can state, but i can kinda sense it, there in the background, in the shadows. I guess its fear, or the desire for some kind of glory, or the fear of not achieving, or … all that. And its all bullshit.

So … what i talkin’ ’bout aint a meme. Its a living energy. But, yeah, we gonna associate certain symbols or memes when we reference that state of mind …

Anyway, what grabbed my brain function first was the idea of the immediacy of what he termed ‘psychological revolution’ (from the book “The Awakening of Intelligence”). It didn’t take place in ‘time’, like “now or never”. Its like grabbin’ holt ta the business end of a double edged blade (or maybe like the razor’s edge?) ’cause if it aint now, ya stuck with the never. K pointed out that any action taken less than a complete transformation of the mind was just sowing the seeds of sorrow. But in that first moment of observation, before ya start tryin’ ta measure any change, ya here now. Thats the blessing.

Then there was what he called ‘meditation’, total negation equalled the Cosmos. Awesome. And i applied what he said, at that time, and gained some experience … so why haven’t i changed?

But even more than all that … i have no excuse. Why? ‘Cause i was in his presence. There is no comparison between whatchin’ the vids or reading the books and encountering the force and light that exploded and radiated from this guy. I bear witness.

That force and that light are what i talkin’ ’bout when i say to be “wholly conscious”. Consciousness is primary. It permeates, it creates, it is the source of the universe – and we can’t, have never, nor ever will … be separate from that.

We are embedded in consciousness. Even when we are “unconscious”. When we sleep, there is still a consciousness that keeps our lungs breathin’ and our heart beatin’ and our food digestin’ etc., and allows us to dream – a whole ‘nother dimension of consciousness. Of course, for most of us, even when we’re ‘awake’ we only semi-conscious, ’cause we still bein’ driven by thought, just like dreamin’. And then when we die … consciousness … er, well, anyway … the implication is that right now here, our brains aren’t separate.

Not only are our brains functionally the same, built up out of billions of years of evolution, so are our ideas, images, emotions, symbols – the whole structure of our thought, the memeplex, – is pretty much the same the world over. We all want to love and be loved.

So why haven’t i changed, i mean like each moment perfection, now and forever …

The Mind of the Child

The human organism/infant associates goodness/love with the meeting of her needs – which later evolves into the satisfaction of  her psychological desire. Our sense of goodness grew out of the dependency of the parent-offspring relationship – family. Relationships and conditions that fulfill our fundamental needs are good, ones that deprive us our wellbeing or our sense of security are not. As the organism develops, it seeks the same sense from the community – communication and cooperation or alienation and violence – according to its own particular conditioning.

With the awareness of what is good and what is not arose a sense of ‘quality’, an appreciation of goodness and beauty in form and functon – our aeshetic sense – seeking to make life better, more secure, more pleasurable. It is this emerging consciousness of a spectrum of quality that focuses our attention intensely upon our mental processes, images and ideas, in order to measure and compare any or all aspects of the world – past, present, and future – within the mind, seeking ever the highest quality.

This is the new dimension of complexity in the interaction of matter/energy in space/time – whole worlds may be contained, dissected, and recreated within the human brain. It is no longer necessary for evolution to spend lifetimes experimenting for the perfect way of life. Now life can cut to the chase. What once took generations to establish – better survival skill, ability, and the potential thereof – now may take place in hours or days with our high technology.

The sacred seed has split. The growth within pulsates and hesitates, sensing the world – if one thing or idea or action is better than another – what is the best?

this is the end
of Eden and innocence
and the beginning of responsibility
-public and private-
local and global

Simple survival is no longer sufficiently satisfactory. For man, the whole process of life is far more vast than the indulgence of his appetite.


Sex, Hunger, and War
Environmental Resources
and the Basic Unit of Society
-the Family-

The whole focus of human life is to meet our interconnected biological and psychological needs. The more we are able to meet our biological needs, the greater the role our psychological need plays in life. Of course our psychological need is rooted in and is an extension of our biological need for food and sex. The programs we follow to fulfill our needs are culture and all its variations.

Culture is transmitted first through our mother’s breast.

It is evident in the simplest forms of life and becomes more apparent the more sophisticated the nervous system – as part of a process of replication, the parent-offspring relationship, our genetic predisposition for human contact,  cooperation and communication or more precisely – love.

The skeleton of every human persona is created whole at a very earlly age and every person spends the rest of her life fleshing it out.

Parents create copies of themselves – automatically – there is no other way – we are genetic physically and it is a genetic apparatus that generates, transmits, and receives culture – the human brain – our common mind.

Talk about the mirror of human relationship! When your look at your children and their behaviour, you are looking deep into your own soul.

Thats the way it is. The only way it could have turned out like this is for the universe to have evolved just so. Starting with nothing, then, wonder of wonders, self-replicating entities out of the big bang and out of replicators, consciousness, the miracle of astonishment.

The universe, life and death, evolution – its a never ending movement. What came before changes into what we are now and now we are creating what will be. Whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not, we are responsible for the world.




You might think i actin’ stupid sometimes … but NO! … the fact is … sometimes i aint actin’. I been tryin’ ta figure out just the simplest protocols (then, too, i am lazy). I want to properly credit LeeAundra Keany. “LeeAundra Keany coaches public speaking to support her writing habit. www.thecontrarypublicspeaker.com” .

When i came across “20 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT FIRE” it just blew my mind. I was aware of the basics but i just liked this presentation. I gonna quote the article and put my comments in between.

“Fire is an event, not a thing.”

Yeah, baby! Thats the whole universe, from rocks, plants, mountains, planets, and people. Its all alive permeated with an intense energy.

“Heating wood or other fuel releases volatile vapors that can rapidly combust with oxygen in the air; the resulting incandescent bloom of gas further heats the fuel, releasing more vapors and perpetuating the cycle.”

Whoooo, Weeee!  Thats an explosion! (i love the clinical language). “Incandescent bloom”  tastes like champagne. Again, thats the universe feeding on itself, in full glory.

“Most of the fuels we use derive their energy from trapped solar rays.”

Wow. Sunlight. Trapped by the Earth, as if the Earth oppened up and reached out to receive love and hold it and cherish it and use it as one of the drivers of evolution, an uncontrollable and irresistable force, the light of love.

“In photosynthesis, sunlight and heat make chemical energy (in the form of wood or fossil fuel); fire uses chemical energy to produce light and heat.”

“So a bonfire is basically a tree running in reverse.”

Aren’t we all. Glory be to … the source of the universe. You and me are the same event. We grew out of the plant life that grew out of the marriage of earth, sky, and star. We are the same trapped sunlight born of the union of mother earth and sun. (Why we be worshippin’ the sun, or should be anyway.)

The light of love released in death. Sacrifice the “self”.

that ol’ demon love

How is blindly casting a message of love into the void like casting out a demon? Well, they both need to get out before they destroy their host.

Why should a message of love destroy its host? If its burstin’ to get out but not allowed to.

Why would anyone not allow a message of love to get out? Fear. Fear of consequences – the power of love may upset the established order of things. Of course, though certain established orders may need to be overturned, that process may emotionally or sometimes physically disturb those who profit from the established order. And those who profit may react violently.

Why should the power of love destroy the established order? When the established order perpetuates evil and suppresses love.