The Zen of World Transformation

or The Dance of Self Immolation

Its like universal acid and fire, it all does the same thing – takes the available fuel (manifest spirit, the world, the self, you and me) and proceeds into nothing – ZERO.

image from crazy, cool

3 Tibetan Herders

Monk Calls for Dalai Lama Return

An Attempt by 2 KESC Workers

Protest Tactic Rises

This video from Stratfor

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I do not advocate self immolation. I do not think we can turn away from being conscious of the phenomena. It appears qualitatively different than any other form of protest. Seems like anything would be easier than settin’ yourself on fire.

I find the act of self immolation disturbing but still want to better understand it.


The Heart of Revolution 

A Light for the Future

The elites and their minions call it terrorism.

steady goin’ back to the source II – Rebirth …

 comes from sacrificin’ the self …

 with each pulse of the universe.

It means the possibility, ergo, the inevitibility, of transformation is open and infinite, all the time, here and now.

Its kinda like this here, what “The holographic nature of the Universe – Gregg Braden” by AwakenTV sayin’ ,,,