steady goin’ back to the source II – Rebirth …

 comes from sacrificin’ the self …

 with each pulse of the universe.

It means the possibility, ergo, the inevitibility, of transformation is open and infinite, all the time, here and now.

Its kinda like this here, what “The holographic nature of the Universe – Gregg Braden” by AwakenTV sayin’ ,,,

The Basics

At present i don’t have the skills to make videos like this so i search ’em out on youtube. This one by Namaste 1001 presents the basics of what goes on in our civilization so well that i believe its worth sharing. Now, one thing i’ve noticed about communicators of the emerging paradigm is that so often we are “preaching to the choir”. I say that because there is so much evidence of the new consciousness on the internet, but in my everyday encounters in the real world very few people are already thinkin’ like this. As a matter of fact i, myself, while understanding the imposed illusion and the infinite potential of consciousness, wish that what i have learned in only the past few months concerning real world applications for our deteriorating civilization (transition towns and resilient communities and their applied techniques and technologies) was more common and available in our media.

Ergo, it appears to me as if there is a whole lotta news spreadin’ and catchin’ up to do.

The Free World Charter: Let’s make everything free

The Free World Charter: Let’s make everything free. i don’t remember where i came across this  or who is behind it or what they got goin’ on but its a great presentation. And in the spirit of makin’ everything free i been puttin’ my book “incite planetary revolution” out here one section at a time. With the ten pages or so of introduction i got ’bout the first 29 pages of my book online. You can start on this site and just follow the links on the bottom of the page. Why i aint just got it as its own pdf is an ongoing soap opera. But anyway i proceeding as best i can with the skills i got now, and steady learning, slow but sure.