Maddbluntz and the Infinit Yes


To me, all this stuff is ’bout communicatin’ a particular thing. Specifically it is about the present unprecedented crisis and our response, which ultimately is about how we think and live everyday. An’ its ’bout spreadin’ the message as far and wide and deep in our common mind as possible an’ right now it looks to me like the best in the business are  Maddbluntz,  the Infinit Yes, and Zeitgeist.

Its like when i trainin’ a new guy on the floor to run a machine, i say “This is Cordell. He one of the best operators we got. He’s gonna train ya. Do what he does. If Cordell goes to the back of the machine, looks up and says ‘what the fuh?’ then you go to the back of the machine, look up and say ‘what the fuh?’. That way you’ll learn the right way.”

Well, thats what i got ta do. Learn from the best.