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“If you are not at all concerned with the world but only with your personal salvation, following certain beliefs and superstitions, following gurus, then I am afraid it will be impossible for you and the speaker to communicate with each other… We are not concerned at all with private personal salvation but we are concerned, earnestly, seriously, with what the human mind has become, what humanity is facing. We are concerned as human beings, human beings who are not labelled with any nationality. We are concerned at looking at this world and what a human being living in this world has to do, what is his role?”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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“Floatation is groovy, and easy, even a jellyfish will agree to that. Yeah, but ol’ jellyfish been floatin’ so long and so slack, Lord, AINT GOTTA BONE IN IT’S JELLY BACK!”

Español: Firma de Jimi Hendrix, realizado en I...

Español: Firma de Jimi Hendrix, realizado en Inkscape por David Torres Costales (Photo credit: Wikipedia)