Planetary Revolution

the color of god and substance thereof

the rant of syndax vuzz

table of contents

science and technology the new mythology … 1

evolution III … 11

the evolution of our common mind … 29

god, property, and the structure of thought … 43

one world … 87

the indivisible whole … 99

global  sorrow, authority, and the mind of the child … 105

the color of god and substance thereof … 113

one world – one law … 147



“The greatest peril is to become trapped in spirals of environmental decline, poverty and unrest leading to social, economic, and environmental collapse. No more than one or a few decades remain before the chance to avert the threats we now confront will be lost and the prospects for humanity immeasurably diminished.”

from an appeal signed by more than
1500 distinguished scientists
from around the world
101 Nobel Prize winners

– The Union of Concerned Scientists –

(word definitions are taken from
Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary)

an apology

if my presentation appears crude, it is because i am only a common laborer unskilled in the art of communication. I hope that my passion for truth out weighs my unrefined quality of writing. Because i want my children to read this as soon as possible, it will be simple in essence, as easy to understand as i can make it, though i touch on topics uncommon, sometimes difficult to convey. I will be general rather than specific. I beg the indulgence of whatever “experts” or otherwise scholarly persons whom chance may cause to read.


… somebody’s house is burnin’ …

this is for the children
for whose abduction
from paradise
we are all responsible

a message in a bottle
issued forth
from the bowels of society

for the common man
with whom we share
a common mind

for the whole Earth
which is screaming out
the pain of man’s ignorance

this is part observation, part warning, part challenge, to verify or deny … but for the most part, it is a question unanswered … and an invitation, to explore for oneself, the facts of life and their significance

the foundation for planetary revolution is laid within our common mind

its a subject we rarely mention, if ever, the condition of the world and our relationship to it. Yet it is the single most important topic there is, personal problems not withstanding, because it is out of these conditions and relationships that our personal problems grow. Perhaps on occasion, various aspects of what is happening may arise in conversation – the wars, the threats of war, the preparation for war, the destruction and poisoning of our land, water and air, the economic and social injustice resulting in poverty, starvation, disease, violence and death. Yes, sometimes we may broach a topic or two, and when we do we have various opinions, invariably conflicting to one degree or another. One will quote the latest theory in vogue in the media or among intellectuals or in one’s own particular social group. Or one will repeat a cliche voiced by the parental figures of one’s childhood – “if its not one thing its another, thats just the way it is, human nature, it will never change”. Or another may venture a simple observation of fact.

yet in our discussions, however deep or shallow they may be, there is no passion to go to the end, to discover the truth. We are confused human beings living in fear, each pursuing his own narrow desire, with a brain which has been conditioned through  thousands of years to survive by violence and competition, and molded through a lifetime of the past ignorance being pounded in each day from every direction by various “authorities” – parental, educational, religous, social, and legal.

the cause of truth and justice

the intention of this work is
to do that which is good,
in the sense of
fertile, bountiful, suitable, attractive,
free from disease,
wholesome and true

the intention of this work is
to do that which is right,
in the sense of
straight, direct, and real

it is our right
in the sense of
something to which one has a just claim,
something that one may properly claim as due

to right – to adjust to the proper condition.

this message is addressed to the common woman and man.

 common in the sense of
relating to the whole community,
characterized by a lack of privilege,
shared by all

this message is for those who labor

 labor in the sense of
spending one’s life energy,
physically and mentally,
in difficult, compulsory, strenuous, and painful work
to provide the goods and services
required by society.

this is for the most common people on Earth, whose labor is exploited for profit by the least common people who hold the power, position, and privilege of managing the world’s material abundance.

the warrior, too, here is addressed.

 warrior in the sense of
a person engaged in some struggle of conflict.

this work is to suggest there is something wrong,
fundamentally wrong,
with the whole of human activity on the Earth today.

 wrong in the sense of
not right or proper, not according to truth or facts, not satisfactory, not in accordance with one’s needs, without regard for what is proper or just

wrong is the sense of
unjust and outrageous injury, inhumane imposing of burdens one cannot endure, exacting more than one can perform, a relentless and unremitting subjection to annoyance and suffering, suffering caused by an infringement of rights.

this work is to suggest that the most significant step in the evolution of man is occurring now, evolution being a process in which the whole universe is progression of interrelated phenomena, a process of continuous change from a lower, simpler, or worse to higher, more complex, or better state.

mankinds role in this process – now – is to bring about immediately an immense, global, sudden, radical, complete change

incite planetary revolution 2


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