The eurozone is turning into a poverty machine

There are constant bank runs. The bond markets panic, and governments along its southern perimeter need bail-outs every few years. Unemployment has sky-rocketed and growth remains sluggish, no matter how many hundreds of billions of printed money the European Central Bank throws at the economy.

We are all tediously aware of how the euro-zone has been a financial disaster. But it is now starting to become clear that it is a social disaster as well. What often gets lost in the discussion of growth rates, bail-outs and banking harmonisation is that the eurozone is turning into a poverty machine.

As its economy stagnates, millions of people are falling into genuine hardship. Whether it is measured on a relative or absolute basis, rates of poverty have soared across Europe, with the worst results found in the area covered by the single currency.

Source: The eurozone is turning into a poverty machine

Apocalypse as Praxis 

What is the enemy in a metaphysical war? For us it is the religion of the Antichrist, but what is the true religion of the Antichrist? It loudly proclaims allegiance to a set of Idols (Democracy, Freedom, etcetera), but demonstrably no longer believes in them and often enough forgets to even pretend that it does.

Source: Apocalypse as Praxis | Katehon think tank. Geopolitics & Tradition

Productivity isn’t about Getting Things Done anymore 

So the killer tool for this new paradigm of productivity will not be an app or a smart device. It will be deep within the confines of your own mind — in your ability to take seemingly disparate elements: untapped desires, cultural trends, and unrecognized problems—and combine them for explosive ideas.

The killer tool of the new paradigm of productivity will be a sort of “mind literacy.” The ability to reject the seemingly obvious, to listen to your inner voice, and to understand your fellow human. By arranging your work to create the conditions for insight, you can consistently create the breakthroughs this new world demands.

Source: Productivity isn’t about Getting Things Done anymore – Startup Grind – Medium