In a nutshell … or

Gettin’ to the meat … or

“That which is of highest value”

Ok. How do we determine value? Peanuts vs. brazil nuts. Off the top – when i buy a can of mixed nuts it usually has a whole lotta peanuts and a few brazil nuts – ergo, i guess brazil nuts are more valuable in our economy. Scarcity = increased value, but is that intrinsic?

Consider processing. I can tear the tissue paper shell right off the peanut, while the brazil nut requires a tool and effort. If i was trapped in an empty room with a pile of both kinds of nut, the peanuts would be more valuable – no barrier to consumption.

What about a pearl in an oyster shell? No direct actual survival value, but in our society a much higher value. Why? Because its a symbol of wealth potentially attracting more wealth. So the pearl, as symbol, is a form of ‘meta’ wealth, at least at this level of sub-totality (civilization) in which agents interact. Value is determined by environment, which is the manifestation of our relationships. In some smaller situations, as stated above, peanuts may be more valuable than pearls.

What takes precedence, the whole or the part? In this world it appears that for the vast majority, priorities are determined by the immediate, the local, the individual among a multitude of sub-totalities – other individuals, families, communities, or allegiences of beliefs, or of skill sets, or of other power players – all pointing to the necessity of survival of all the various agents or  groups. While there may be degrees of cooperation among some of these parts, the dominant form of relationship is conflct/competition.

Conflict implies games with winners and losers, which in itself implies eternal struggle. Is it possible to end conflict and thereby ensure survival for ALL agents? If so, how?

Reduced to the smallest  of survival systems – that of the individual – air, water, and peanuts (or grains of wheat) may have more value than a warehouse full of pearls. Within a political system, symbols of wealth have more relative value – because the system will endure – despite the loss of individual agents due to the scarcity of survival necessities – winners will increase their winnings up to a certain point. Failure is built into the system. As competitors become more skilled at ‘winning’ symbolic wealth (fiat currencies, status, power positons, etc.) actual wealth is destroyed, simply because, in this physical world, at this point in history, resources – time, space, energy, and matter – are finite.

We have devoted the energy of evolution to the exploration, mapping, and controlling the limits of our environment – the outward – but to the mechanism that is doing this work, the human psyche, we remain ignorant. (Ignorant – root word – to ignore, implies will, conscious effort.) Why?

Why do we fail to confront our self? Because of death. Fear. It is fundamentally incomprehensible, within the framework of space/time/energy/matter, because it implies the ending of not only all the winners and losers, but of the entire structure of what humanity has created – civilization – symbolic wealth (but not necessarily actual wealth).

But this whole determination of value, this civilization, is actually a small sub-totality within the framework of a conscious universe. Civilization has divided itself from the whole. Granted, it grew from a seed of survival mechanisms, genes and memes, but it was so successful, so powerful within the confines of individual survival rates, that our whole mind was sacrificed for the individual mind.

Therefore i contend we are not conscious of ‘that which is of highest value’.

the paradox of transformation

It couldn’t be any more apparent … truth may be obfuscated only so much … its even plain to see in our main stream media … the willfull destruction of our world by the most powerful memes on the planet … 1) god, 2) property, and 3)  the structure of thought … me … the self … manifestin’ in the world as the bank/corporation/govornment (BanCorpGov) system of authority … is demanding from us immediate action in every sphere of human relationship, to stop the progression of disease dominating the planet, to heal and to do what is right. This is a force of necessity.

PLUS … whatever personal or local situation we dealin’ with, making our daily life increasingly difficult and insecure, is a product of the BanCorpGov’s ability to manipulate us and hijack our innate instinct for transformation by directing our perceptions into their traps: consume products – big, shiny, new, fancy, high tech with the implied benefits of youth, beauty, wealth, and sex; or consume legal drugs – to lose weight, have energy, sleep well, cure depression, anxiety, and fear and any and all other common complaints concernin’ our “selves” feelings.

The list of the way BanCorpGov’s control us is so extensive its hard for me to continue but here some more: instilling beliefs about religion, national or racial “pride”, schools, fears of rejection or scarcity or economic collapse. Well, hell, the very nature of the economic system we slave under keeps us in prison. The number of dollars you have access to determines the quality of every aspect of your life; food, clothing, shelter, medical care, legal representation for you and your children is a direct result of how many dollars you may acquire. A situation that automatically pits us against each other.

Bottom line – the BanCorpGov’s know how to use our built in physical and psychological survival systems against us, primarily by programming us from birth with the foundational memes of god, property, and self. Really, once you can plant a belief of god, an imaginary all powerful, all knowing, ever present being, in the mind of a child, every other form of control falls right in place.

So there the in yo’ face messages from the environment we embedded in: 1) from the universe itself, our physical shared reality, human life on planet Earth – “You are enslaved in prison, forced to work for the powers that be on a global suicide mission” – and the cosmos sayin’ “Stop! Free yo’ self and thereby the world.” And 2) ya got the ingrained social structure spectacular daily mainstream media carnival barkers commanding yo’ attention and directing yo’ activities like you a zombie: “Consume, compete, repeat, fear, fight, flee and/or ignore the larger world reality, bow down to authority and run the program we gave ya or else face the consequences we impose. Yeah, its rough but do what ya gotta do, there aint no choice but what we give ya. You can’t see or think for yourself. Thats our job. Don’t interfere.”

Zombies need love too. The most abhorrent human actors on the planet, the living dead, the criminals at the top – banksters, priests, politicians, police, the global terrorists (BanCorpGov’s) and the lost souls at the bottom –  muderers, rapists, robbers, and thieves (programmed by authority) PLUS all of us who go to work and school and pay taxes and obey the law and do not disturb the “peace” and perpetuate the game … need love too.

So why don’t we transform?

Where Attention Goes Energy Flows

Very simply, because “what is”, the world we livin’ and creatin’ every day AND our mind are one thing. The outward structure of civilization is not a direct result of nature (indigenous tribal life is a direct result of nature), human thought took over evolution from nature – cultural selection – civilization is a direct manifestation of thought. It IS flawed, at least from the perspective of the health of the whole of life on this holy planet.

Its like this quote from LeeAundra Keany’s “20 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT FIRE” –

“… fuel releases volatile vapors that can rapidly combust with oxygen in the air; the resulting incandescent bloom of gas further heats the fuel, releasing more vapors and perpetuating the cycle.”

– where thought (the main product of human brains at present) is the fuel and civilization is the incandescent bloom.

Or we can acknowledge that yes, of course, civilization is a direct result of nature because human beings are a direct result of nature, therefore so is civilization. If so, we must then say civilization is a natural catastrophe. We must recognize the crisis and act accordingly, heal and make the world whole. They aint nobody else for it.

That means bring your attention to bear. Here is a hint of a “force” that may be of value – intent, the action of will, or maybe even a passionate desire for transformation, LOVE – however ya wanna say it. We stop. We turn away from and leave the way of understandin’ and livin’ that got us here.

The Paradox

We see the necessity of change. We want to change. But the only mechanism we got is the one that got us here – the self. The self IS the problem, NOT the solution.

So what now? The only thing to do, that has to be done, is set the self aside, allow it to shrivel and die. When the self dies we are left with nothing. No Thing. The unknown, this living moment. That is infinite potential. Here is the new understanding, what science tells us, truth …

Consciousness is primary, the source and substance of the universe.

Attend! Here and Now.

i gonna leave fo’ a minute … check out BannedUfos –

The Universe is an Illusion, But Consciousness Isn’t

approach the infinite …

i mean, aint that what its all about, come upon the full glory of life? Otherwise, whats it all about? Work til ya die? Introduce fresh, clean human brains to hell on earth ‘n tell ’em – “Go for it! Struggle through the cutthroat, life destroyin’, world poisonin’, slave prison rat race and die. Ahhh shucks … you don’t have to thank me. Actually i just couldn’t control myself. The next thing i knew there ya was screamin’ an’ hollerin’ in my face demandin’ everything. It was my pleasure.”

But seriously, we do die. Time is short. Its just the “self”, the personal ambitions, the static entity that says “I need. I want.” ME Me me … myself, my stuff, my past, my future, the endless circle of thoughts that drain yo’ life’s energy into the cesspool of the civilization man created. You can leave yo’ self behind, alone, to whither and die, crumble to dust, be blown away by the wind.

Open your mind to the sun, the light, the cosmic world of nature all around ya. Just look and see, without comment, you embedded in silence already, thats your real birthplace, where ya go when ya die, right here and now, being conscious, consciousness itself being the very substance of the universe, there is no separation from the source of the universe.

the foundation

out on the frontier is the proving ground

its o so good …
to be engulfed by yo own ego …
to be master of yo own illusion …

but it can be tiring sometimes,
ya senses get jaded,
ya need a rest,

so just fall back into
a master of global illusion
like JC or Boo Dah
or a cosmic master like JK

and observe the observer
like gettin sucked inta black hole
or the mire
or the “I” of god

and come out energised
like a tasmanian devil
a creator of chaos

cause bringin order
too arduous
and destroys the self
as a prerequisite
ergo … no ego enhancement

besides, the everyday actual is too dangerous
in the trenches,
on the floor,
in the street,

out on the edge
pushin the boundary
is where people die

so keep yo sef insulated,
its safer,
at least maybe for a moment.

savor yo security

universal acid

k’s teaching, how it works for me, as it plays out in my brain …

its the universal acid …

the first time i read dennett’s “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea” i pictured universal acid, as he described it, as being so corrosively powerful it ate up the entire universe clear back to the big bang, leaving nothing …

and thats what the teaching does to the entire structure/process of thought in my brain … it eats it up and leaves in its wake only the entire actual universe … as it is … without the mediation of perception …

it just takes the hint … of one miniscule drop of the teaching …

like an invisible sun, already there, which instantly incinerates the entire self, flesh and all and leaves nothing — an inferno of intensity which draws the essence of life out of the Earth … like the Sun of our solar system …

why sun worship is the original religion … and relates to the moon and stars in the night sky as the void out of which life emerges … consciousness, the substance of the universe …

the sensibility of a zen warrior

sensibility – awareness of and responsiveness toward something (as emotion in another)

well … it goes deeper than a professional soldier, ya know, its more like the spartans or the klingons, a whole culture built strictly on warfare. they like the extreme athletes of battle, have so completely mastered their techniques and tools of war that battle and death are like the performance of an art. They total discipline and wild abandon at the same time.

so zen, its like total space and nothing. The no-mind no-thinks no-thoughts about no-things. Beyond time. No need or desire. An endless elemental energy in the back of yo brain and behind yo eyes and yo mind’s eye so you can’t see it, but its there, a silently vibrating dynamo, throbbin’ with the rhythm of the universe.

so a zen warrior like a soldier fightin’ a battle everyday within himself and within the world. Not that there is a clear dividing line between the two. Because of consumate skill the battle takes little or no time, instantly ending and all the participants come through in better shape than they went in.

who the battle with? The self and the self of our common mind, playin’ out all in the physical world. There are forces in the world … so many … economical, ideological, biological, society a complex interplay of a multitude of forces comin’ at us continuously, we each like a vector, a focal point – all these forces are selfish – dominated by all the various fragments of our “self”. The idea is to be nothing so that no force moves ya.

that is death. The ending of the self. ‘Course “you” , the whole body/mind, the living organism right here now in the world. So livin’ in the world – the real world that is deteriorating so rapidly – becomes an exercise in responsibility, response to the emergency we all facin’ together. We already participatin’ in it.

and that is the revolution. Whether planetary forces crush us or we take responsibiliy for our own creation …

when you aint got nothin’ you aint got nothin’ to lose.