Death – straight up

Its been ’bout three weeks since i posted. Fact is there is too much conflict and turmoil goin’ on at home and on the job. At home this is “normal” but on the job its extreme in that my present employers operate in a strangely chaotic, unfocused, and unprofessional manner unlike anything i have seen in 37 years in the workforce. More on that later.

My survival strategy for my entire life ’til now been to seek employment in hard hat and steel toed boots environments. It has always seemed the natural place for me given the industrial epoch in which i was born and the personal proclivities i own. Again, more on that later.

This blog plus my website and other web presences i am in the process of creating and developing are my foray into the entrepreneurial age it appears we are entering now. I could use scarier words for this new age but for the moment i want to keep things upbeat.

Ergo … when i use words like suicide, vivisection, and death i’m tryin’ to convey the depth, seriousness, and urgency of the vision that drives me. My inward sense is one of maximum intensity – its as if i have a drive thats pushin’ me counter to the social survival structures, activities, patterns, and beliefs and their variations that make up the present state of the planet.

This drive is my impending death – whether its in the next moment or the next century – its the defining factor of life. Ya know the cliches “This might be yo last day on earth” or “What if you only had 24 hours to live?” but for me its not an intellectual exercise – its more like a constant awareness or lens through which i view life and the world. It definitely makes  everything more vivid and vibrant and makes me impatient with trivialities and unnecessary problems. Its pushin’ me to action.

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